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Winter 2020

e-NABLE is a global network of volunteers
exploring assistive technology, open source collaboration, and adaptability.  
Every quarter, we share the news from our expanding community across the world.

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Featured community members, beneficiaries, partners, and chapters
NIOP Modular Arm Device Selection Chart

Throughout 2019, Nate Munro has been one of e-NABLE’s busiest volunteers.  He coordinates an international team of 35 people across chapters and continents to form the ‘No-Insurance Optimized Prosthetic’ (NIOP) team.  They have developed a system of modular devices that support a wide range of limb differences from wrist to shoulder.

NIOP XO-Shoulder, worn by Muhammad in Aleppo, Syria

This summer, the e-NABLE community unanimously approved a proposal for the team to develop 12 new devices using our EnableFund voting system.  Nate presented the impressive results at the December 5th Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) meeting.  The modular NIOP system is already undergoing clinical testing with e-NABLE Brasil and awaiting approval for Brazil's national health care system.  Bob Rieger of the SPC has proposed a further NIOP collaboration: a video series to help global volunteers adopt the system.  Funding was recently approved and the project should be ready by Summer 2020 with video captions available in a number of different languages.

Nate Munro profile image: a Lego person with guitar, headphones, and amputated right arm
Nate is as passionate about community development as he is about devices.  As an experienced 3D designer with a limb difference, his drive and leadership is at the center of a whirlwind collaborations.  In a 5-part interview, Nate shared his experiences with the healthcare industry, e-NABLE community inspiration, social empowerment using prosthetics, and the important role of music in his creative process.  Stay tuned to the NIOP Hub Space for video resources coming soon!
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A collection of recent stories covering new growth and progress around the world
Chapter Spotlight Brasil - recipient volunteer makes heart logo with new prosthetic

Chapter Spotlight
with Everton Lins

e-NABLE Brasil is centered in Recife, Brasil but connects a network of over 70 volunteers and almost 60 3D printers across the country.

With clinical testing underway for the new batch of NIOP devices,
the chapter has developed a protocol for Brasil's public healthcare system that uses a secure smartphone app to connect medical professionals with recipients.  

This article is part of our ongoing Chapter Spotlight Project; an effort to survey chapters across the world regarding 8 common themes.  We have released the Spotlight template on the Hub for chapters to complete.  You can help us continue the project by nominating a chapter to participate!  Explore more than 150 registered chapters on our Chapter’s Map.  Which one would you like to learn about next? 

Jen Owen with e-NABLE's 'Future of STEM' School Contest

e-NABLE The Future of STEM School Contest
With Jen Owen

Are you a teacher or student interested in bringing 3D printing and humanitarian projects into your classroom?  Do you know a school district that would benefit from new equipment and an e-NABLE collaboration? 

Jen Owen of 3D Universe and EnablingtheFuture (ETF) has unveiled a contest for schools to win a new Ultimaker 2+ and other prizes by sharing videos explaining how they would use 3D printing to make the world a better place.

Think local. Think Global.
THINK BIG!  Create a 1-3 minute video, share it on social media, add the contest hashtags, and fill out the contest entry form by February 29th, 2020 at 11:59 PM Pacific time.  The contest will be judged by Jen Owen and Jeremy Simon at 3D Universe as well as Mat Griffin from Ultimaker.  Winners will be announced on March 9th, 2020.

e-NABLE Internship in East Africa - map with Rwanda & Tanzania

e-NABLE Internship in East Africa 
with Kyle Reeser 


This summer, Kyle Reeser set out for Africa on an e-NABLE funded 6-week internship to partner with organizations in Rwanda and Tanzania who work with 3D printed prosthetics independent of e-NABLE's online community.  Using a variety of donated and recycled materials, Kyle contributed to the services provided by the local organizations while collecting notes for the design of a mobile e-NABLE Lab.     

Kyle is now back in the Rochester Enable Lab and has written an extraordinary 9-part series of articles and media albums.  Each article documents the physical, social, and economic challenges of disabled communities in East Africa.  It's a wonderful resource for anyone interested in supporting local efforts. To learn more, visit Kyle’s e-NABLE Hub project wiki for his detailed series and stay tuned for an upcoming ETF article.

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e-NABLE is a rich ecology; here are some guide posts.  Happy exploring!

The e-NABLE movement currently consists of over 150 active chapters across 48 countries.  These numbers are changing all the time, and monitored by our volunteer Bob Rieger with e-NABLE Web Central.  Thanks Bob!

INTRODUCING: The Community Hub!
Our new community space on Humhub was just introduced in Fall 2019, after a migration from Wikifactory (learn about this transition here).  Participation has grown from under 100 members in September to close to 800 members in 4 months. That’s an explosion! The Hub has already become our main crossroads for volunteers, where new activities from around the world are shared every day!

Please join!

Newcomers & Learners: 

Visit EnablingTheFuture and acquire skills and badges

Volunteers & Recipients: 

Sign up with e-NABLE Web Central to find each other.

Social Media Wanderers: 

Check out our social media map and Facebook groups

Community Leaders & Organizers: 

View or attend weekly Strategic Planning Committee and use Enablio to help allocate funds.


Find or create a local chapter.
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Volunteer quarterly call to action for community campaigns

e-NABLE is a volunteer network of digital humanitarians.  

Learn how to become involved at enablingthefuture.org/get-involved/


e-NABLE has a new Unmet Needs document where we advertise for roles and skills to help with upcoming projects.  We post roles one by one in the Hub using the 'Volunteer Jobs & Unmet Needs' topic, so stay tuned!


The Strategic Planning Committe (SPC) has created a draft for e-NABLE's 2020 Initiatives with high-priority projects for the new year!  Check it out and participate in the Friday SPC meeting to share your thoughts.

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Contribute and make a difference!
 As a volunteer organization, our community projects are funded through contributions.  

We would like to awknowlege our 2019 contributors, which we have also mapped on Kumu:

Individual Contributors 

  • Shawn Travis
  • Eric Montalvo
  • Kathryn McFarland
  • Anonymous
  • Pelin Elke

Corporate Contributions

  • Dell Computer
  • Comcast
  • IBM / Red Hat (pending)
  • Howard and Abby Milstein Foundation
  • Rochester Enable Limited

Join in!
Check out our Ability Beyond Giving Campaign to celebrate the acomplishments of several of our chapters around the world. 

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Meet the Newsletter and Editor
Ben Rubin profile: cartoon-like drawing
Greetings humans of the e-NABLE universe!  

I'm Ben Rubin, your new newsletter editor.  Aside from curating online content every quarter, I report from the frontlines of e-NABLE’s international chapters and work behind the scenes on the Media Coordination Project.  My goal is to help share some of the incredible work from our volunteers and organize our expanding constellation of digital media.
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The newsletter is a collaborative project.
learn about the process and contribute your ideas and suggestions by section on the Hub! 

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